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8 Traveling Cats, Ronald & Vi

You have stumbled upon eight beautiful cats and their adventures. The story begins in 2011 in my home country, the Philippines, where we met mother cat and where her seven babies were born. Since then, we have traveled together until we chose to settle down in Austria in 2017. My name is Vi and I will help tell their story. 

Once upon a time, my husband Ronald (from Holland) found a cat and fell in love with her. We named her Lucky. She was very dirty at first, and we had to bathe her. While we were scrubbing her clean at the outdoor sink in the backyard, I mumbled to kitty cat “You’re so lucky!” My husband grinned and said, “Let’s call her that. Lucky.”

Mama Lucky and Her Brood of Seven

I had just sold my house before I met Ronald. So after we got married on his birthday, February 11, 2011, we found a house to rent at Vina Village in Imus, Cavite . It was out in the yard sometime in July or August that Ronald noticed Lucky and started to feed and play with her. Before we left for our September to November holiday in Europe that year, we knew that Lucky was pregnant because of the little swell. I was not that experienced with cats, so I did not think much of it.

Lucky’s first babies were twins. We named them Aiko and Oue. They looked like they were born just a couple of days before my November 28th arrival home from Europe, and found them huddled with their mama under the outdoor sink. 

Four months later, on March 21st, Umeko, Dancer, Snoozie, Cotton, and Splash were also born. We were going to give them away… but we didn’t.

A couple of days after Lucky gave birth the second time, we were scheduled to leave for my hometown Kiangan, Ifugao to attend a cousin’s wedding. One neighbor agreed to care for our cat family in our absence; however, he freaked out when he saw the tiny kittens crawling all over our kitchen. So we ended up buying cages and take all eight furballs with us since there was not enough time to arrange for another cat sitter.

As it turned out, their very first trip from Cavite to Ifugao was not meant to be the last time they were to be traveling. In June 2012, Ronald and I decided during a two-week holiday in Siem Reap that we wanted to stay longer. So since I already started working at a school there, he had to be the one to go back to the Philippines to collect Lucky and the babies. He put them on a plane from Manila to Phnom Penh before he boarded another flight bound for Siem Reap. The brave furry babies had to fly from Manila to Kuala Lumpur, and from there to Phnom Penh arriving 24 hours later. Meanwhile, I traveled from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh to pick them up. They set foot at our new home in Siem Reap after another eight hours in a taxi with me.

We lived in Cambodia until August 2014, until I moved ahead of them to Thailand and they followed afterwards. Ronald and the cats crossed the Poipet-Aranyaprathet border in September 2014. I was waiting at the Thai side to welcome them. Due to work, we lived in four different homes in Thailand — in BangYai where we lost Dancer, in Ratchada Soi 3 in Bangkok, in downtown Ratchaburi, and back to Bangkok in BangBon 3.

Aiko, Cotton, Splash, and Umeko flew to Vienna, Austria from Bangkok in January 2017; Mama Lucky, Oue, and Snoozie followed in February. I took care of export from Bangkok side, while Ronald welcomed them in Vienna. I first visited my family in the Philippines mainly to attend my brother’s wedding, before joining my furry family in Austria on May 13th.

On July 21, 2017 we finalized the purchase of a house in the town of Königswiesen about 160 kilometers from the capital. And on August 11, 2017 we received the keys to our new home. We said good bye to Vienna and moved in with our cats on August 12.

Whenever my husband and I moved to a new place in the past, we always hoped to settle for good. The cats seem to be very happy in our new home and enjoying marking their territories in the neighborhood, so we do hope to stay. 

In any case though, home will be where our precious furry babies are. 🙂

We are your furry and not so furry friends,
The Traveling Cats – Lucky, Aiko, Oue, Cotton, Umeko, Splash, Snoozie, Dancer – lost in Thailand – and Ronald and Vi

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