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Furries of ITeach Cafe Siem Reap

The pancake house at the ground level of a three-level shophouse in Siem Reap

The second of two houses we lived in back in Siem Reap had three levels. So we decided to turn the ground floor into a business. We called it ITeach Cafe and we had it running the first half of 2014. It was a cozy little cafe that we also turned into a classroom for coding classes in the evenings and in the weekends.

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Filipino Vets Travel to Siem Reap

November 2012 – Filipino Vets Travel to Siem Reap to Visit Eight Cats

Only three of our eight furries – mama Lucky, Aiko, and Oue – were neutered and spayed about three months prior to their flight to Cambodia. They left Manila in July 2011 and the younger kittens were yet a tad too young to be under the knife then.

Dr. Elena Labutan, who performed the procedures on the older three in April, advised it was better to wait until the others were at least five months old. They just turned four that July.

About a month after the cats’ arrival in Siem Reap, things started to get crazy with the howling especially from the girls, and throughout the night time. Ronald said the solution was to have them fixed if only we could find a vet in town. We were concerned about the girls getting pregnant as well, so it couldn’t be helped. We had to get them spayed asap.

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Filipino Cats in Angkor Land

We arrived in Siem Reap on June 5, 2012.

After enjoying a week’s stay at the Baca Villa GuestHouse, we were able to get a good deal for a room for one month at the Green Village Angkor Hotel.

I accepted a teaching job at one of the schools in Siem Ream and started working after the queen’s birthday (June 18th) which was a national holiday. I lived in the hotel for a month. During that time, Ronald flew back to the Philippines to pack our things, have the cats documented for their travel to Cambodia, and return the keys to the landlord.

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The Traveling Cats

The Traveling Cats