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My First “Bakluckan”

Backluckan Drive-in-Loppis or simply bakluckan is the name they call the flea market or car boot sale over at Norrskedika here in Östhammar. “Bakluckan” is a Swedish word that literally means the tailgate of a truck or the boot or the trunk of a car.

It was introduced in 1996 by a Swedish man who has been to flea markets in the UK and decided to start a similar thing in Sweden. The word Bakluckan is a trademark registered and protected at the Swedish patent and registration office and is therefore a special term used exclusively for this particulary flea market in Norrskedika. More details in Swedish can be found here. See English translation in the bottom.

Anyway, yesterday evening when we checked the weather forecast for this morning, it said it was likely to be sunny. And boy it is!

We – hubby Mattias, stepson Wille, niece Shauna, my sister Winah and our friends ate Gemma, Joy, Marcy & her hubby & toddler Zoe all head out to the popular bakluckan over at Norrskedika as early as 9 o’clock. Below are my precious finds.

I found the big wooden bowl first, and paid 50 kronor as it says on the price tag. It is from the 1960s and I love it! It’s gonna be for keys and whatever little pieces of crap there is for sorting.

Then I fell in love with the hand-painted ceramic man and woman with costumes from 1848 and 1832 consecutively. I’m guessing Swedish. They were 30 kronor each but the seller agreed to 50 for both. On the back of each is hand-written “Alice Aronsson 1969”. Amazing.

Next, I found the ceramic tray or shallow bowl set of three, each with a matching woven basket or tray underneath each bowl like an underliner (photos above). The set was going for 50 kronor, but then I saw the glass vase with a 10 kronor tag and got the lot for 50. The seller handed Shauna a set of stickers for free. Lovely.

Finally, I noticed the ceramic wall art tile which reminded me of Goldilocks though this one has the same complexion as mine. Wink. The seller agreed to 30 kronor for her. My shopping-mates didn’t like her, but me liked so me bought.

I thought that was it for me so I went and stood in the shade beside one of the vans with merchandise to one side of it, and called Mattias to tell him I was done. While waiting for them to arrive, I got drawn to one of the tables nearby and ended up lifting the white floral napkin holder. It didn’t wanna go back down on the table so I took it with me for 20 kronor. It’s by IKEA and is called Liksidig. If I looked it up before the transaction, I could have seen that Ikea now sells it for 29 and I could have gotten it for much less meaning almost nothing. Oh well, it’s in perfect condition so it’s still a steal.

The “I hate it when I’m singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong.” is hubby’s find along with a metal funnel for pouring fluids into the car. He got them for a total of 20 kronor.

Oh and Shauna bought a Pikachu stuff toy for 20 kronor. You see it peeking out from her sling bag in her photos. It’s her second visit to this flea market. She bought a green squishy toy the last time. Today, her mom and the rest of the gang also ended up taking home a bunch of things, as expected.

Below is a little tour video…

And that sums it! Until next bakluckan! Ciao xxV





The Bakluckan Drive-in-Loppis is open every Saturday all summer from May 21 – September 3, 2022. Below photo gallery are screenshots of the quickest English translation by our friend Google. Click here to visit the Selander family’s bakluckan website.

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Vivien Nyström

Born in 1979 in her hometown of Kiangan, Ifugao in the Philippines, Vi has moved homes too many times. Since 2020 before Austria's first lockdown during the pandemic, she moved to Sweden. She is still in Sweden today.

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