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Increase Your CD4 Naturally With LIV

A strong or balanced immune system helps the body fight against foreign pathogens and ‘heal itself’ from existing infections.

Good news! Thirty-seven years of research and development led leading scientists and researchers in Thailand to develop LIV, a dietary supplement formulated from the extracts of natural ingredients found in Asia.

This formula helps boost Th17, the type of white blood cells that plays a major role in protecting the body from infections as well as the T helper cells that HIV destroys the most.

Watch this inspiring video, an interview of Professor Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra, Chairman and CEO of Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co., Ltd. and the first of over a hundred HIV-positive volunteers who took LIV capsules as part of the programs launched in order test the efficacy of LIV in increasing CD4 level.

People with human immunodeficiency virus or HIV and AIDS suffer from a low immune system and are prone to opportunistic infections, not to mention possible side effects from HIV medications if any.

It has been tested and proven that taking 4 capsules a day for 15 days helps stimulate Th17 which are the cells mainly destroyed by the viruses. You might be able to feel the difference faster at 6-9 LIV capsules especially when your CD4 count is below 500, and if you are already taking antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) or are experiencing opportunistic infections.

All of the volunteers who became part of the clinical studies and parallel trials for the efficacy of LIV on HIV-affected persons were able to achieve significant increase in their CD4 count and a drop in their viral load. All opportunistic infections such as viral infection, tuberculosis and pneumonia were also remedied, and they are now living an almost normal life again.

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