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D.I.M. – Covered Cat Litter Box

Do It Myself (D.I.M.)- Covered Cat Litter Box

Today at the Big C supermarket while walking around with my cart, I saw a staff folding empty boxes whose contents he had just emptied on the row of shelves before him. I knew that they gave them away for free, so I begged for four and he handed me three of what he had already folded. I thanked him and walked on.

My idea was to use each as a wall wrapped around the cats’ litter tubs to prevent the sand from littering the floor. Less mess for me to clean everyday.

Back to the cardboard boxes. It’s very simple actually. I’ve shared some photos below to show what I have done with them. Now I don’t have to dream about buying a couple of those fancy covered cat litter boxes which might be bulky and heavy to take with us when it’s time to leave Thailand in a few months.

litter sand ready to be emptied into the tubs
medium-sized empty cardboard boxes
covered litter ‘box’
covered litter ‘box’
covered litter ‘box’
covered litter ‘boxes’

I shall be back to update this post when I get around to improving the aesthetics. 🙂 For now, it’s functional enough. In fact after I walked out the door, two of the curious furries already went in and tested their toilets with the great new walls. It is what happens each time I get them new packs of sand. They almost always get on the task of relieving themselves right away after I pour the contents into the tubs. Anyway, I took a peak afterwards – no mess on the floor = happy me! 🙂

Vivien Nyström

Born in 1979 in her hometown of Kiangan, Ifugao in the Philippines, Vi has moved homes too many times. Since 2020 before Austria's first lockdown during the pandemic, she moved to Sweden. She is still in Sweden today.

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