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Pet Travel: Thailand to Austria

Article first posted : September 9, 2015
Article updated: October 19, 2016
Final update: June 14, 2017

The Traveling Cats – Moving again?


Yes! Cats de Block will be traveling again.

So… After making the decision to move once more, we are faced with this new challenge of how to get all of our furry 7 out of Thailand and off to Europe in a few months. When I wrote this post in late 2015 (last year), our options were Holland, Austria, Germany, Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal, etc. We chose Spain and my husband Ronald left for Malaga in September 2015. The cats were supposed to follow soon after; however, their trip was cancelled as I had decided to extend my stay in Thailand.

After a brief holiday in Saigon (last week of January 2016), I arrived back in Bangkok to a new job offer which I decided to accept. After a month at my new workplace, I summoned hubby back and he returned to Thailand albeit reluctantly.

As I am updating this post on October 19, 2016, exactly a week after Thailand’s beloved King Bhumidol Adulyadej passed away, Ronald is scheduled to fly to Vienna. The cats will follow. For sure this time.


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Mr. Catman Visits Cat Home

Ronald the Catman is home: November 29 – December 2, 2014, Nonthaburi, Thailand

Eight cats were overjoyed to see the Catman come door last night. It has been three months since my husband’s last visit, but the furries no doubt remembered him very well just like the last time he was around. They did not flee at the sound of a voice different from mine when he did a roll call as soon as he stepped inside the house.

Aiko approached him every evening for their drinking ritual as you can see in one of the photos below.

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The Traveling Cats

The Traveling Cats