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Mr. Catman Visits Cat Home

Ronald the Catman is home: November 29 – December 2, 2014, Nonthaburi, Thailand

Eight cats were overjoyed to see the Catman come door last night. It has been three months since my husband’s last visit, but the furries no doubt remembered him very well just like the last time he was around. They did not flee at the sound of a voice different from mine when he did a roll call as soon as he stepped inside the house.

Aiko approached him every evening for their drinking ritual as you can see in one of the photos below.

Dancer and Snoozie slept on either side of him in bed. I had to stick near the edge of my side of the bed to make sure I did not smash their pretty little furry sleeping forms.

Cotton, Splash, and Umeko circled around him for a familiar scratch here and there, now and then.

Oue confined herself all day to a recently emptied tray on the kitchen table, but would purr loudly while relishing a scratch from Ronald whenever the latter went on a downstairs errand.

Lucky is still in a howling state. She would stand in front of the screen door and direct her cries at the furries visible out on the street. Or she would run upstairs and out to the porch and on the garage roof to resume her crying towards the street below.

Eight cats are going to be missing the Catman all over again after he leaves early on Tuesday.

Here are some photos taken during Ronald’s stay

Aiko & Ronald drinking ritual
Snoozie in a box
Snoozie up for a scratch from the Catman
Ronald in a songtew
Ronald in a songtew
Ronald in a songtew
Ronald in the back of a songtew
Ronald in the back of a songtew
Ronald in Bang Yai

More of Ronald and the cats

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Vivien Nyström

Born in 1979 in her hometown of Kiangan, Ifugao in the Philippines, Vi has moved homes too many times. Since 2020 before Austria's first lockdown during the pandemic, she moved to Sweden. She is still in Sweden today.

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