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Ready for Mobilegeddon?

Are your websites designed to be mobile-friendly? Put them through the Mobile Friendly Test.


Last February, Google announced a new algorithm change to help users discover more mobile-friendly content in search results which took effect last April 21.

Mobile-friendliness of websites has now become a new ranking factor in searches affecting mobile searches in all languages worldwide. This has a significant impact in search results which allows users to easily find relevant and high quality results that are optimized for their devices.

This new change has been dubbed “Mobilegeddon”.

A huge percentage of business owners do not have a mobile-friendly website and are worried that they are losing customers to mobile-optimized sites.

Mobile-friendliness of your website does matter. If you have ran your site through the Mobile Friendly Test and got an “unfriendly” result, do not worry – Crea City can help enhance your websites and optimize it to pass the Mobile Friendly Test for the next time you go for it.

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Vivien Nyström

Born in 1979 in her hometown of Kiangan, Ifugao in the Philippines, Vi has moved homes too many times. Since 2020 before Austria's first lockdown during the pandemic, she moved to Sweden. She is still in Sweden today.

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