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How it all started for my furry family

The Dutch and the Filipina

Ronald and I met on July 31, 2010.

We got engaged while on our first holiday together in Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte on October 8, 2010, my birthday. Then we decided to tie the knot in Manila on February 10, 2011 which was also on Ronald’s birthday.



After the wedding and some family bonding time, Ronald flew back to Holland to get ready for his big move to Asia.


In the meantime, I found a perfect house to rent in a nice and quiet subdivision called Viña Village in Imus, Cavite and moved there awaiting the husband’s return.

Just before I met Ronald, I had already made the decision to sell my house which was also in Imus at a cozy little subdivision called Grand Plaza. The initial thought was to perhaps move to Vietnam or somewhere nearby, within Southeast Asia. This was after I came home to the Philippines from my last contract on board a ship and wanted to make the transition of settling back on land again not too far away from home. This was believe me not that easy for some reason.

I managed to sell the house and when Ronald and I decided to explore life in the Philippines, we agreed to remain in Imus which I preferred to Manila. Back then at least. We left Imus for Siem Reap in 2012.

Looking back, had I not met Ronald, I might never have met our furry mama Lucky. And no naughty funny furry babies either.

In early July 2011, Ronald returned to the Philippines after shipping three giant boxes of his worldly possessions from Belgium and Holland.

Ronald rolling his luggage down the ramp at NAIA with a big smile on his handsome face :)
Ronald rolling his luggage down the ramp at NAIA with a big smile on his otherwise serious coder’s face 🙂

Vivien Nyström

Born in 1979 in her hometown of Kiangan, Ifugao in the Philippines, Vi has moved homes too many times. Since 2020 before Austria's first lockdown during the pandemic, she moved to Sweden. She is still in Sweden today.

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