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AirAsia Wifi

AirAsia wifi: A bit of online chatting in the skies with the airline’s new RoKKi Chats

wi-fi available on selected AirAsia flights
the staff started selling the tokens about half an hour after take off
a total of 3MB data usage on WeChat, WhatsApp, & LINE
got one for an introductory price of RM5 per token instead of RM8
open a browser and register… follow the instructions therein

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Today was the first time I used wifi aboard a plane. The service is called roKKi Chats and it was on this afternoon’s AirAsia flight AK886 from KLIA2 in Kuala Lumpur to Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok.

The airline had just launched their in-flight wifi service on four of their planes. According to a recent post in the Tune Box website, the airline plans to provide wifi service on all of their 80 planes by the second quarter of 2015.

I thought it was cheap even if it was not to surf the internet, but merely to chat online via three choices of instant messaging applications – WeChat, WhatsApp, or LINE.

A roKKi Chats token is normally sold at RM8 for 3MB data usage. I got one for the intro promo price of RM5. Luckily, I had LINE installed on my Samsung phone so I was able to test it. Apart from a couple of minutes’ interruption in the signal, it worked fine! I was able to chat with my cousin Jenny Balaan using LINE, and even got to upload and share a few photos with her and on my timeline.

IMs via LINE
*from *School

AirAsia, in-flight wi-fi, KLIA2

Vivien Nyström

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